Pro Tier License

Offline Stand-Alone App

Developed for professional penetration testers!
  • Team Hacking with Shared Engagements
  • Comply with Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Instant download
  • Free updates
$ 249.00 each per year
Pro Tier licenses are sold on a per-user-per-year basis
System Requirements:
  • Linux x64 (designed for Kali)
  • PostgreSQL (built into Kali)
  • Minimum 2gb of memory
  • Installation requires ~470mb minimum disk space, not including database usage
FeaturesFree TierHobby TierPro Tier
Unlimited Hosts & Services
User-Defined Scan Templates
Import Nmap & Masscan XML
Global Service Notes
Shells Library & Bookmarks
CVE DB, Exploit-DB, Nmap Scripts, MSF Modules
Echo Up, CyberChef & Venom Builder
Boards & The Matrix ViewsNEW
Full Featured APINEW
Hobby Tier
Global Command LibraryLimit 5
General Notes LibraryNEWLimit 5
Service Command LibraryPOPULARLimit 2 / Service
Scratchpad EditorLimit 2 / Host
Default Service Checklist
Engagement, Host & Port Note PagesPOPULAR
Clients ManagerNEW
Findings LibraryNEW
DOCX Based Reporting TemplatesNEW
Pro Tier
Offline Stand-Alone Application
User Maintenance Control Panel
Subnetting System
Shared EngagementsNEW
Access Control ListNEW
LDAP & SMTP IntegrationNEW
Large Engagement SupportNEW
Tens of thousands of Hosts per Engagement

Intranet Mode:

PenTest.WS Pro installed on your intranet server allows your entire team of penetration testers to track hosts, services and record their findings as they work on client engagements.

Solo Mode:

For individual penetration testers, or fieldwork operatives, PenTest.WS Pro runs directly inside your Kali Virtual Machine.


Who owns the application's data?

You! The PenTest.WS Pro Tier Application maintains a PostgreSQL database stored on the same physical machine or virtual environment as the binary Application. The data contained in this database is the property of the licensee.

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How do renewals work?

PenTest.WS Pro Tier licenses are purchased on a per-user-per-year basis. The date of first purchase becomes your license's anniversary date and the license will be renewed on this date each year.

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Can I purchase additional licenses?

Additional user licenses may be purchased throughout the year, with each user license sold at a prorated price based on the number of days remaining on your current license.

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Do you offer refunds?

No, we are not able to offer refunds for the PenTest.WS Pro Tier application. All sales are final.

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What happens to my Free/Hobby Tier account?

When you purchase Pro Tier, your PenTest.WS account will be upgraded to Pro status for the duration of your Pro Tier license.

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Can my Pro Tier data sync with PenTest.WS?

Engagement data does not sync, but Account Items can be migrated

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Can Solo Mode installs sync up with our Intranet Mode server?

This feature is on the radar but has not been implemented yet.

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Ready To Buy?

$ 249.00 each per year
Pro Tier licenses are sold on a per-user-per-year basis